Militant Thistles

polemical poetry to prickle the politics of "permanent austerity"

atos Poor Doors Sheriff Stars spikes

thistles stretch their prickly arms afar

Black Triangle bedroom tax Disrupt and Upset

Geoffrey Aitken

December 2019 –

free radicals


there is still an urgency

for unqualified confidence

and bullish bravado

at the top

still a place for


and ongoing denial

without reservation



ongoing opportunity


sustained uncompromised attacks on truth

that is welcomed


and honoured

as if carelessness

is our anointed


chosen pathway

until one sees the horror

in the mirror

       of so much undigested History


Geoffrey Aitken was born in Adelaide, Australia in October 1950. A former tradesman and fitter, years later a mature graduate teacher of Senior School English - until a 2016 retirement. Aitken is regarded as an emerging poet in his home State of South Australia and

is gaining increasing momentum with publishers like Underground Writers: Issue 27 & 28 (AUS), Glass Journal: Poets Resist (US), Flashes of Brilliance (US x 2), Aesthetica (UK), Pomme Journal (Fr) and Plum Tree Tavern (US), the most recent.